Plan a Visit to St. Petersburg

Plan one day away from beautiful St. Pete Beach with a short adventure to our neighbors to the east: St. Petersburg. The “Sunshine City” is a diverse community filled with engrossing art galleries, thought-provoking museums, entertaining live theater, and crisp, refreshing craft beer. The heart of St. Petersburg is less than ten miles from Travel Resort Services’ vacation rentals.

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3 Snorkeling Spots You’ll Want to Check Out!

Snorkeling the sea near St. Pete Beach is thrilling, inexpensive, and unforgettable. Luckily for you, Travel Resort Services has affordable and fully-equipped resort rentals all over the Tampa Bay area. Each property is minutes away from your next Gulf of Mexico snorkeling adventure. With dozens of things to do in St Pete Beach Florida, snorkeling [...]

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Top 3 End of Summer Activities in Madeira

  Top 3 End of Summer Activities in Madeira Summer is approaching an end, but there is still time to get out on a Florida vacation with the family! As the kiddos begin to start school again, those educational blues start to hit, so make it the best start to school ever with one last [...]

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A Couple Days of Fun in the Sun with your Love

A Couple Days of Fun in the Sun with your Love We might be coming to the end of summer but it’s a perfect time of the year to head to Florida’s Gulf Coast with your loved one for an amazing vacation in the sun. With Travel Resort Services you can get a wonderful accommodation [...]

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Get Local with these Amazing Rooftop Lounges

Get Local with these Amazing Rooftop Lounges Summer is almost over, and you haven’t made a trip south, yet? It’s time for you get your bags ready, and go right towards the Sunshine State for a fantastic voyage. When in the Clearwater area along the Gulf Coast of Florida you’ll want to stay at one [...]

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3 Must-See Local Scenic Views

3 Must-See Local Scenic Views As summer travel is well underway in Florida, we encourage you to get outside and enjoy the view! Located right on the Gulf Coast, Travel Resort Services offers fantastic St Pete Beach rentals to fit every group, family size, or couples wanting to get a taste of the three S’s: [...]

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